Hi! I’m Melissa and I’m a 26 year old php developer from Toronto, Ontario (Canada).

I recently got into reading books and had a “coming to jesus”, so to speak. Books appear to be the key to becoming successful in any aspect of life.

When I was in University, my teachers shared similar feedback about me — that my writing sucked. I knew it too, since I had never put any effort into writing; except for coding, that is. That’s when I decided I to become a better writer. One of my professors suggested a book called “The Elements of Style”, a tiny book that would go on to change my life forever. Needless to say, after reading this book, one of my professors is now asking me for writing advice!

But this website isn’t about writing, it’s about reading. Whether it’s reading about writing, whales or wizards, life can easily be improved by picking up a book. I plan to share everything I learn on my commute in the Subway.