Confucius The Analects

The Analects, a summarized book by Dover Thrift, is a collection of stories and wisdom from Confucius. I read this book in 42 minutes, which was less time it took to commute to work. I’m so happy that I now have great wisdom from Confucius in the same time most people are simply listening to music or snoozing.

My favorite theme in this book is gracefully repeated — talk less, listen more. “A wise man is slow to speak but quick to act”, he says, which is something I haven’t thought much about before I read this. I have good manners and allow people to speak, wait my turn before I share my opinions, but upon reflection I am thinking of my VP at work. She is an extremely intelligent person and I am now realizing how little she talks. In meetings, she allows other people to talk and asks lots of questions. Most people simply talk out loud, but not her. Whenever she talks, it is always towards action, and everyone listens.

Did she read the wisdom of Confucius, too?

I’m going to keep this in mind the next time I decide to talk out loud and say something stupid, which, I know realize, I often do.